LEMONE & Cie S.A. has a cargo inspection and marine survey department which is highly efficient thanks to the quality of the equipment used and the qualifications of its staff. 

The maritime experts deployed by LEMONE & Cie S.A. draw up a precise diagnosis of the condition of the vessels. 

The goods inspection and control service intervenes both inside the vessels and on the storage sites after unloading. After each inspection, a report is sent to the resource persons in order to reassure the customer about the quality and quantity of the goods intended for him. 

The quality of the goods intended for the customer is our number one concern.

Our opening hours
Lundi 8h - 12h30mn / 15h - 18h30mn
Mardi 8h - 12h30mn / 15h - 18h30mn
Mercredi 8h - 12h30mn / 15h - 18h30mn
Jeudi 8h - 12h30mn / 15h - 18h30mn
Vendredi 8h - 12h30mn / 15h - 18h30mn